Kailash Yatra Update 2014

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2014
Duration : 08 JUNE – 09 SEPTEMBER 2014

Update on 31st July 2014

1 to 8th Batch - All yatries successful completion of Yatra.  

9th Batch - LO Sh. Vijai Prakash Pathak (T-45, M - 30, F-15)  All yatries  left to Bdi fm Gji
at 0800 hrs.

10th Batch - LO Sh. Prabhu Datt Bhardwaj (T-51, M - 40, F-11) All yatries Left to Qugu from
Zunzui pu at 0900 hrs.

11th Batch - LO Sh.Umesh Kumar Shukla (T-56, M - 39, F-17) All yatries  staioned at Taklakot.

12th Batch - LO Sh.Viplav Saxena (T-51, M - 39, F-12) All yatries Left to Gunji  from Lmri 0500 hrs.

Itinerary-Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2014

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1st Batch at Merthi

This year, 18 batches, each with a maximum 60 Yatris, are planned to be sent for the Yatra between 08 June and 09 September. The Yatra proper will be for 22 days. In addition, Yatris need to spend 3 days in Delhi for medical tests, Chinese visa, briefings, etc. The Delhi Government will provide free meals and accommodation for the stay in Delhi. Yatris are, however, free to make their own arrangements.
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Kailash Yatra Preparation

Planning & Preparation of Yatra

Since this pilgrimage is nothing short of an expedition, it places. Many uncommon demands and situations. Awareness to these problems is essential to complete the voyage successfully with confidence.
Once the voyage commences the panoramic Himalaya and Tibet cocoon the pilgrimage in their effulgence and they drift beyond the reach of a conventional world. Deep silence and eerie expansiveness rule the atmosphere.

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Yatri Comments :

अपने सभी जरूरी सामान अपने पैतृक स्थान से ही खरीद लें अन्यथा दिल्ली से भी खरीद सकते हैं । उपलब्धता एवं थकान के कारण धारचूला या किसी भी अन्य पड़ाव पर समान खरीदना मुश्किल होगा।

Rucksacks में ही अपने कपड़ों और अन्य सामान को पैक करें . Strolleys और अन्य सूटकेस आदि में सामान ले जाने की गलती ना करें ।

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Medical Examination of Kailash Yatra

Kailash Yatra Information

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Kailashi Blog - Recent Comments :
Recent Comments - Vijay K Kapoor- While we all wholeheartedly sympathise with the yatries in distress in Uttarakhand i/c the KMY, we must simultaneously be extremely grateful to the brave Armymen and other para military forces, ! G.SELVACHANDRAKUMAR - THIS YEAR NOW BATCH NO 2 TO 10 YATRA CANCEL BY GOVERNMENT IS DUE TO HEAVY RAIN IS BIG DISAPONINTMENT FOR EVERY YATRY. BECAUSE THEY ARE WAITING ONE MORE YEAR FOR YATRA. ! Om Namah Shivay..... One birth is not enough to reach at Kailash and to get the precious love of lord shiv.....Donot worry from the rocks, rivers, landslides.......BUT LIVE LIFE , GIVE LIFE TILL YOU REACH MOUNT KAILASH.......MANY THANKS TO OUR ITBP JAWANS......they are the one who are helping you to reach there....So say OM NAMAH SHIVAY - PRAVEEN BHARDWAJ ! I pray that all Yatris of KM Yatra 2014 are blessed with the ultimate; visit of Mansarovar and parikrama of Mt. Kailash. Please Lord Bhole Nath, take care of all our devout yatris in 2013.....those who are already on the way and those waiting to take-off.- RAVI & CHANDRA RAO ! It was really very wonderful and i salute ITBP javans/personnel and the indian government for making my trip really wondrful and memorabale. ! Om Namah shivay,after completion the yatra,I feel in fell of love in Lord shiva.-Vijay Kumar Sharma ! May Almighty be kind enough to help each KMY 2013 Yatri complete his / her yatra successfully - Vijay K Kapoor ! Om Namah Shivay - Wish a very blessed to First batch pilgrims - 2013 ! Bholey key aseem aashirwad sey aap sabki yatra shubh aur mangalmay ho - Ravi Dudani, WELL WISHES all the Yatris..... Good Luck... Om namah Shivay.. hiren Shah Ahmedabad !

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